We are pleased to announce that after a year off – our Etsy shop is back open!

Yay!!!!! (hopefully you’re as excited as we are!) The new bible verse prints are live! We will list more over the coming weeks – verses YOU’VE requested and then some! Occasionally we will have necklaces, earrings, rice heating/cooling pads, and other handmade creations.  As a pastor’s wife and mom of three boys, it stays busy around here!

Here is the shop link (click the picture):SHOP SQ

Happy shopping!  If you have a favorite verse that you’d like us to create an image for, please let us know! We’d be delighted to make something custom, just for you! 

We can also make other custom prints (not strictly bible verses) if you ask! We have made several for customers in the past, prints for their kitchens, child’s bedroom, family room, wedding invitations, wedding programs, baby shower invitations, baby announcements, Christmas cards, etc. 


Are you ready?

With the way our world is heading, I have a question for you.  Are you ready?

Ready.  In that, how is your walk with GOD?


Christians are getting persecuted all over the world.  Americans – I’m not talking about someone picking on you for going to church. I’m talking about Christians being killed, kidnapped, beat to near death, torn away from their families ….. all because they refuse to deny our Savior.

Where do you stand?  Do you love God more than your life? Do you KNOW Him?

I’m not even going to dare to say that we have it better here in the luxury of America, because I don’t think we do.  It’s too easy for us to be luke warm believers.  It’s so easy for our relationship with Christ to become an after thought at the end of the day, so we ‘catch up’ with Him via a bedtime prayer.  Imagine a day where all you have is your relationship in Christ – what a glorious day!

If you were approached and questioned – Would you deny God to live another day on this earth? – or – Would you follow Him, no matter the cost?

Just something to think about.




Here is a link that just touches on what’s going on in Iraq: http://www.radical.net/secretchurch/blog/2014/06/17/believers-in-iraq/




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By God’s Grace


How interesting it is that this was today’s verse of the day on the bible app on my phone. This is actually the scripture I was considering using in our header on the blog. This verse pretty much sums up the reason I believe God laid upon me to start this blog. Blogging is not something I particularly have (ever) enjoyed. I am seriously (in my opinion) horrible at writing – especially when it comes to proper punctuation – so please don’t give up on me for that. I also really don’t like to be completely transparent. Being transparent is something that God is asking of me – and Tom – as of late. We’ve been transparent with one another – but God’s calling us to something larger.
God was us to be intimate with Him. He wants to use us for His glory. When we find ourselves weak and wounded – that’s when God can do His best work – so here we are – we are letting God shine through. We don’t have testimonies that will leave most of you speechless – although, to some of you, it may be what God wants you to hear – and who are we to deny God – when He calls we answer, when God leads you to do something – you better do it, and be ready – our God is a big God – and He does big things.
Hang in here with us as we get this blog up and running and as we share our life with you – for it’s by the grace of God that we are here and that we are able to share with you.


(Posted from my phone)