DAY 11 – 31 Days of Prayer for your Husband

Y’all it got REAL today.

31 days of prayer for your husband august 2016 DAY 11

Day 11 – Forgiving His Sin

Scripture – Matthew 6:14-15

Before you watch the video, let’s pray:  God, please fill this place with your Holy Spirit.  Open the woman’s (or man’s) heart to receive You today, Lord, that they’re ready and willing to receive what it is You need them to hear.  Remove me and all focus of me from this, please, Father, I beg You, Lord, that they see You through this that YOU are given the glory and the praise.  Help us to honor You in our marriages. Help us to have hearts full of grace and forgiveness, Lord.  We love you and we give You all of the glory.  Continue to mold our hearts and our marriages to be reflections of You.  In Jesus’ Good and Perfect Name we pray, Amen!


Day 7 – 31 Days of Prayer For Your Husband

Hey y’all!!! I am so sorry that this post is SO late in the day! If you follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter – then you saw the topic and scripture focus earlier this morning! I am a pastor’s wife – and thus our Sundays (well, weekends in general…. okay, our daily lives) can be packed slam full.  Usually, it’s a good full! This weekend was so God-filled, so much joy in my heart, y’all.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t have crabby moments, lol, but God’s joy always conquers all! Now, today’s topic was:

31 days of prayer for your husband august 2016 DAY 07

Day 7 – Exercising Self-Control

Scripture – Proverbs 25:28

I’ve got kiddos that need to be in bed! So, please watch the video for our daily prayer! I will do my best to hop back on the post tomorrow or later on and type out a prayer for y’all!


 Again, the book I have been using simply as a guide:  
Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband: Seeing God Move in His Heart
by Jennifer Smith et al. Link:https://amzn.com/0986366730

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