By God’s Grace


How interesting it is that this was today’s verse of the day on the bible app on my phone. This is actually the scripture I was considering using in our header on the blog. This verse pretty much sums up the reason I believe God laid upon me to start this blog. Blogging is not something I particularly have (ever) enjoyed. I am seriously (in my opinion) horrible at writing – especially when it comes to proper punctuation – so please don’t give up on me for that. I also really don’t like to be completely transparent. Being transparent is something that God is asking of me – and Tom – as of late. We’ve been transparent with one another – but God’s calling us to something larger.
God was us to be intimate with Him. He wants to use us for His glory. When we find ourselves weak and wounded – that’s when God can do His best work – so here we are – we are letting God shine through. We don’t have testimonies that will leave most of you speechless – although, to some of you, it may be what God wants you to hear – and who are we to deny God – when He calls we answer, when God leads you to do something – you better do it, and be ready – our God is a big God – and He does big things.
Hang in here with us as we get this blog up and running and as we share our life with you – for it’s by the grace of God that we are here and that we are able to share with you.


(Posted from my phone)

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