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I consider it such an honor and am so humbled to be a part of this devotional alongside 21 other godly women. None of us “have it all together” or even claim to. I think I can speak for each of these ladies in saying that we come before God as broken as you do.  I look forward to this time of fasting and praying with all of you!  Please consider joining us! Go to @pursuitcommunity & follow the link in profile to a FREE online copy & join us February 1st!
@intentionalhome,  thank you for following God’s lead & heading up this devotional – as well as all you do for the #pursuitcommunity !

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Joyful Memories

When someone you love goes on to Heaven before you, there are times when you really miss their company here on earth … No worries, they have it far better in heaven than we could ever imagine.
Today, as I watch my boys growing so quickly, I think of how much joy my father-in-law would be getting out of them. In the short year that he was a “PawPaw” I never doubted that Isaac was his favorite person on earth – his first and only grandchild. I think on how much fun he would be having with two grandsons around. There would be tractor rides weekly and golf trips planned and lots of his {loud} laughter.
Then I’m reminded that he isn’t missing out; Daddy is in heaven with Jesus Christ – and nothing on earth is better than that!
My boys will know all about their “PawPaw Wallace” and thankfully we have wonderfully joyful stories to tell.

Here is a link to the post I did when daddy went to Heaven in February of 2012: In Memory | WallaceWay Photography

A couple of the last photos ever taken of Danny:



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