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Seek: A Pursuit Community Devotional – Day 21

I am humbled to even have the opportunity to share this with you, yes – YOU. I had the opportunity to contribute to the first ever collaborative Pursuit Community Devotional, and what an honor it is to share pages with these women of God.


Be still before the Lord & wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:7

Last night our family received some exciting news, I can’t share it with you yet – but God used this devotion this morning to remind me how rewarding it is to just wait on His timing.

God never ceases to amaze me.  I just knew after writing this, and submitting it, and then seeing it for the first time in print – that my message in sharing it with you would still be about the waiting period we are in.  Sweet sister, or brother, in Christ – let me tell you – His timing is perfect.

I know now that our time of rest is coming to an end, God is about to send us spiraling into a full blown busy season – all in His own timing.  Letting Him lead us is the best feeling in the world – granted, it isn’t always easy. It is hard to relinquish control and to not know where you’re headed next or what you’re supposed to be doing.  I want to encourage you to take time to rest in Him.  Spend time in God’s word – seek after a heart like His.

I pray that as you’re ending this 21 days of fasting and praying that you feel rejuvenated.  You still may not have the answers you are looking for, but please take comfort in knowing that God will reveal them to you in His perfect timing.


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[ #pursuitcommunity #seekdevotional ]  We will be going through this devotional again during the month of September – you can order a hard copy (or paperback) here.  I am already looking forward to going through it again!



Meeting New Friends … is nerve wrecking…

A couple years ago I stumbled across Pursuit Community – a group for women in creative industries – founded by Karen Stott of Intentional Home.  Since becoming a part of this community of women on Facebook, I have made some amazing social networking connections.  There are several small groups within the large community of women – safe places to come to fellowship with other women of God.  I have also made a few wonderful friendships – women I know that I can call on at any hour to just stop what they are doing and cover my family in prayer.  Granted, majority of these ladies I am speaking of I have never even met in person, insane, right?!  (Although, I must say, I have met one friend whom I will cherish forever through Pursuit, she photographed Nate’s birth & has photographed our family since – I seriously thank God for putting her in my life – I consider her one of my closest and dearest friends. – all thanks to this amazing group!) Up until last night, I had not had the opportunity to meet any more of these amazing women in person!  Long story made short – we finally had a “local” small group, I think most of us traveled around an hour to meet, give or take.  I had been sick all day – pregnancy sick & randomly at 25 weeks….. really?! But, anywho, I was so nauseous and tired and almost did not go to our small group’s very first meet up.  Well, Satan, yeah, I am calling you out, You lost.  I am so thankful that God kept pressing on my heart that I needed to go to this meet up.   Now let me tell you, on the hour ride there Satan really tired to convince me to just turn around and go home – or get there and drop off my goodies I was bringing for our outreach and leave “I needed rest.” “Will these women really stay your friends?” “Will you really even connect?” “Your job is to be mommy, you need to be at home” “how selfish of you to go and have 4+ hours to yourself, while leaving Tom at home with the boys!”…. and they kept coming.  Well, I denied Satan’s pressing these thoughts into my mind & cranked up the worship music [well, not too loud, bc I had to hear the gps].  God blessed my heart and used the second half of my drive to prepare my heart for meeting these women – what a waste it was arguing with Satan the first half – you’d think we’d learn to give it to God right away and soak in what He has for us to hear, but alas, I’m only human – a mere sinner, just like you.  I am SO very glad that I was able to go & meet my new friends!  What I didn’t expect, was that I got that “rest” I needed.  My soul needed this fellowship with other women who give Him the glory.  My heart was aching for these women to be in my life, and I was completely unaware.  My children and husband survived just fine without me – the boys were even asleep in their beds when I got home – they’d been fed and bathed and loved for and on and played with – they truly have the BEST daddy in the world, maybe I am bias, but I couldn’t imagine a day without him. We snacked on the yummy goodies everyone brought, sipped on hot cocoa, and had wonderful God-filled fellowship.  We got to know each others’ hearts – it wasn’t a meeting where people tell you what you may want to hear, or tell stories to be entertaining – we all shared from our hearts.  It was as if we had been in this small group for months, years even, and we knew we were safe and we could just be ourselves.  I am already looking forward to our gathering next month.  What a true blessing God gave us all – and on a Tuesday night! So, Thank you, Karen, for stepping out on faith – that only God can fill.  And, Lauren, I am SO glad God forced us together 😉 Lucy knew what God knew – we’d be friends in the quickest of heartbeats.  You speak to my soul, sister.  Today, I am giving God the glory for sending soul sisters into my life.  Making girl friends doesn’t always come easy – in fact, it’s hard – but with God, it was easy, I just let Him do it & He more than provided.  We need fellowship with other believers – specifically of the same sex – it is so important for our survival and if we are to thrive as believers.  We are meant to hold one another accountable, to be there to lift each other up and to encourage one another.  We are meant to just be there for one another – to give God the glory – to be support for each other.

Jessica’s husband surfaced and took a couple of group pictures for all of us before the night ended! 🙂 Meet my new friends ❤

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It’s no coincidence that my verse for this week is:



Seek Devotional, day 3


Day 3. Such a great reminder from my sweet friend, @kristinschmucker – “Even if we aren’t delivered, even if we face our deepest fears… we can still trust Him. We can still know that He is good. And, in the moments when it seems He has not answered, He will be right there to walk through the fire with us.” – #seekdevotional @pursuitcommunity #pursuitreads