When you need help with your bible study …

Word to the wise (you think I would’ve learned by now….) if you want help on your bible study, simply leave it open on the couch with the pen nearby & have to step out of the room for something ….. your 2 yr old will be sure to assist! 🙂 thankful for colored ink … i just switched pens for this session. (At least my bible was closed while i was out of the room, and he only marked a little on the cover)

Can I be honest? There was a time when I would have been LIVID. I mean, like I wouldve fussed at Nate, yelled at him, attempted to put him in time-out, maybe even popped his behind – I am so thankful that God is constantly working on my heart – to be more like His. Yeah, there will be moments when I’m sure I will lose my cool; I am only human. But today, I am thankful He let me see it as He does – my child simply saw an open book and a pen and wanted to draw mommy a picture.



Siesta Scripture Day

One thing I am finding in this season of life that I keep catching myself get excited about is the 1st and 15th of each month!

I did this challenge a few years ago & have since used life as an excuse to not continue, so lame, I know.  I am so thankful that God pressed on my heart to take part in Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team this year.  I am finding my heart being blessed beyond measure, in Him.   Beth does some of the posts herself, and she also has guest bloggers, like this week.

I won’t keep you here long – and I will do my best to share my verses with you each week. The goal is to end the year having 24 scriptures memorized – writing His Word on my heart. In doing this, I am not only gaining biblical knowledge and insight but I am getting to know my God – to know His heart.   When spending much more time in the Word I am a better person, a better wife, a much better mother – not in that I am doing anything spectacular – not that at all.  When I am spending time in God’s Word and growing in my relationship with Him – He is simultaneously making my heart more like His. You see, He is changing my attitude and my desire to do certain tasks (He can even make me enjoy doing laundry or dishes – because I am able to see it as taking care of my family, taking care of the precious gifts He has so graciously given me).


Without delay – my verse for week 4:

isaiah 53_5


here are my previous weeks’ verses (since this is the first I am blogging on them):

colossians3_2 psalm37_7a


romans 1513a

By God’s Grace,