When you need help with your bible study …

Word to the wise (you think I would’ve learned by now….) if you want help on your bible study, simply leave it open on the couch with the pen nearby & have to step out of the room for something ….. your 2 yr old will be sure to assist! 🙂 thankful for colored ink … i just switched pens for this session. (At least my bible was closed while i was out of the room, and he only marked a little on the cover)

Can I be honest? There was a time when I would have been LIVID. I mean, like I wouldve fussed at Nate, yelled at him, attempted to put him in time-out, maybe even popped his behind – I am so thankful that God is constantly working on my heart – to be more like His. Yeah, there will be moments when I’m sure I will lose my cool; I am only human. But today, I am thankful He let me see it as He does – my child simply saw an open book and a pen and wanted to draw mommy a picture.