Day 14 – 31 Days of Prayer for Your Husband

Hey!!!!! It’s Sunday, I just love the opportunity that we have to worship freely as a body of believers! So many Christians around the world are not given that opportunity, it’s definitely something we, in America, take for granted. There’s something so, I don’t even have a word that will explain it fully, fulfilling and yet humbling experience to worship our Creator, our Lord, as a body.  I pray that before you enter into worship you are spending time prior preparing your hearts to receive the message God has laid upon your pastor. For your Pastor has labored hours and spent hours in prayer preparing the sermon, in addition to all of the administrative work he has to get done, as well as the hours spent visiting or counseling, in person and on the phone, and if he has a family, let’s pray he’s making them a priority as well! For it is by the grace of God that our Pastor’s are able to serve and lead the church that God has called him to right now.  I’ll tell you this, if you’re feeling led and want to serve in your church, but don’t know how or where to begin – or maybe God has laid leading the youth or teaching the children on your heart – I am asking you, or well, hey, I am telling you, GO! Talk to your Pastor, tell him you want to serve! He will welcome you with open arms or direct you to the person in the church who can get you plugged in!

31 days of prayer for your husband   august 2016  DAY 14

Alright, well, how’s that for going off on a tangent! So!!! Today’s topic! “Knowing His Purpose”.  Let’s pray!! Heavenly Father, we lift our husbands to you, Lord.  We ask that wherever they may be in their relationship with you, that you reveal their purpose in Your will to them.  We know Father, that revelation all happens in Your will and Your timing, but Father, if my husband is in search of his purpose, of Your guidance, Lord, I ask that you reveal that to him this week.  God, we thank you for marriage, we thank You for designing it so beautifully.  We are sorry for the times that we fall short, and are so thankful for your grace and mercy, Father.  Continue to mold us and our marriages to be as you have intended from before the beginning of time. Amen. 

And just to keep it real with y’all, as I typed this out, my 15 mo old was spreading peanut butter all over my desk. yep. Love y’all!


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