Day 5 • 31 Days of Prayer for your Husband

31 days of prayer for your husband august 2016 DAY 05

Day 5 • Topic: Relinquishing Worries

Scripture: Psalm 55:22

Hey y’all! Well, in today’s video you get a little bit of a glimpse into my daily life, lol, you’ll just have to watch and see.  I am loving spending time with all of you each day, praying over our men, our marriages, our families and anything else that pops up!

Let’s Pray!! Heavenly Father, Lord we come to you and we lift up our husbands God.  Whatever is weighing them down, whatever keeps them up at night or causes them anxiety and worry, we ask that You press on them to surrender it all to You.  You are the Ultimate Provider, God.  You call us to live to give You glory and praise.  Help us to trust in You completely, that we may not worry about tomorrow and will live for You today! Jesus, let our husbands feel Your strength and Your comfort. Give them a peace that can only come from You.  Lord, we thank you for your provisions.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 


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