Friday Funnies: KID QUOTES

Tom and I were talking & he came up with the brilliant idea that I should start a blog post at least once a week where other people can participate

and we share our kiddos funny quotes from the week!

Our Isaac says funny things DAILY, and we can’t wait until Nate starts talking to see all that he has to say!


fridayfunnies_kidquotesToday Isaac’s Quote of the Day:

“Daddy, There’s a wipe in my butt crack!” (while sticking his butt out)

{we are trying to teach him to wipe when he poops, this is the result, lol}

What’s YOUR child’s best [funniest] quote from this week?


2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies: KID QUOTES”

  1. This is a great idea! I’ve actually been thinking of doing this with my blog the past few weeks!! Would you mind?

    This week my favorite was when Layla kept screaming she needed candy after she pooped in the potty lol. She kept saying:

    “Daddy! I poo poo’d! I need candy!”

    Levi kept telling her no more candy and she kept replying

    “Daddy! I need candy! Yes or No?”

    No layla

    “um…..yes or no?”



    1. Lol this morning Isaac had to call my parents to tell them that they need to get dressed and go to Target because they forgot to go buy his super hero blanket for his new bed for Christmas and then he told them where it was it was on the aisle beside the pillow aisle.


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