apple jacks.

So , today I made an old family recipe … “Apple Jacks”, known to some people as just ‘fried apple pies’. And y’all, I got em just right (and on my first try)! I don’t have an exact recipe – cooking the apples is by looks and taste . So, sadly the only way to get them close to Mammy’s (Grandma Brock’s / Beatrice Brock) is to have had one of hers & to match the taste of the apples; luckily, if you had one of hers – you will remember the taste & smell 🙂 and if you were lucky to be in the kitchen when she cooked the apples, you’ll know they’re right by the smell (before you even taste). To those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing my great-grandmother, shoot for the flavoring of an apple pie and yours should still turn out just lovely! Good luck! And happy cooking!!

Here are the ingredients :

Dried apples (have to be dried to be the best)
Cinnamon or apple pie seasoning
Lemon juice
Canned non-buttered biscuits (quicker and easier to use, doesn’t take away from homemade dough)

Fry in cast iron pan – using Crisco

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