Come Join Us for Wellness Day in Danville, VA


Come join us for Wellness Day in Danville, Virginia!

You can find more information about each topic focus during the day!

Intro to Essential Oils

What are essential oils? How do they work? Why do you need them in your life? What’s the big deal?

I’ll be honest. When you truly use essential oils it becomes a lifestyle change. I promise you, this is not just a fad or some fancy gimmic. Please come join us and here how we use these amazing products in our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY [all day]. Come learn how to use them yourself! Come learn about our AMAZING company, Young Living, and how they serve our communities all around the world. It’s so much bigger than JUST essential oils. We want YOU to thrive and live the life that God intended you to have. We are here to support you and help you on your journey to wellness. Our community is one you cannot put a price tag on. So, come, hear our stories, learn about essential oils and Young Living, and how you can be a part of it all!

Oils of the Bible

Come and join us as we learn about Oils of the Bible.
Yep, Essential Oils and using them daily is even biblical! I am so honored and excited to be able to share this class with all of you. We will be able to experience each oil in the Ancient Oils Of Scripture kit that Young Living offers for their members. Bring your notebook, pen, and bring your bible! We will be immersing ourselves in God’s Word and coming closer to Him through learning about oils that He created and oils that were used on our Lord!

Beauty School

What you put IN your body matters.

What you put ON your body matters.

Join us as we learn about the importance of what ingredients are in our beauty products. We will talk about how some of those ingredients affect not only our skin, but our overall health and wellness. You will also have to opportunity to try numerous Young Living beauty products and learn about the benefits of good [toxin-free] skincare! Bring your mom, sister, best friend, co-worker … make it a girls day!!!

Links to tickets for the day:

Intro to Essential Oils (free):  9:30a-10:30a  http://bit.ly/INTRODVILLEVA

Oils of the Bible (free) : 12p-1p http://bit.ly/BIBLEDVILLEVA

Beauty School ($30): 2p-4p http://bit.ly/BEAUTYDVILLEVA


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