Day 2 – 31 Days of Prayer For Your Husband

31 days of prayer for your husband august 2016 DAY 02

Today’s Prayer Focus: His Job

Today’s Scripture Focus: Colossians 3:23-24

Good Morning! or Afternoon or Evening – depending on what time you’re realistically getting the time to read and pray today!!

Today we are praying over our husbands and their jobs!  No matter where your husband works, he has an opportunity to be a shining light for God.  He has the opportunity to be the good, to be an example for others, to lead others, and to share the gospel.

Let’s Pray!
Heavenly Father, we come to you today to lift our husbands up to you, specifically their jobs.  Lord, help him see the strengths that You created him with.  Help him to flourish in the areas that he is naturally good at, show him the areas that he needs to work on and give him the tools to do so.  God, give him joy from You in his work.  Use him to benefit his company, to be a blessing to those around him, and to encourage the people that he works with.  Father, if he is not in the job that best suits him, that You created him for, show him. Provide an opportunity for him to serve you in a position/job that will give You the most glory – and that will allow him to thrive.  Lord, as my husband provides for our family, remind him that You are the ultimate provider, that he cannot care for our family alone – he needs You.  God, show him where You are working and lead him to serve You there also.  Lord. if there is a woman praying right now and her husband is not a believer, we ask that You call his name, that You knock down the walls around His heart and call him to seek You and to follow You.  We thank You, Lord, for being the ultimate Provider, in more ways than we will ever know. Thank You for our husbands and for the institution of marriage. Help us to be helpmates to our husbands and be the wives that You created us to be.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For whatever reason, the video isn’t embedding correctly today, so here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/aefwallace/videos/10154540345924156/

 Again, The book I am using as a guide:

Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband: Seeing God Move in His Heart by Jennifer Smith et al.
Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband: Seeing God Move in His Heart
by Jennifer Smith et al. Link: https://amzn.com/0986366730



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