Product Review | #WristBPM_EBP017

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#WristBPM_EBP017 *First, I received this product heavily discounted or free in exchange for an honest review.

My husband and I both tested this product. We found that you have to take it [your blood pressure] multiple times to make sure you’re getting an accurate reading. While it may not be the “most accurate” blood pressure cuff – keep in mind, you’re taking it on your wrist, not your arm – I think this is a great product to have in the house to keep check on your bp periodically. Tom is excited to have a way to check his bp at home. This product would be great to keep in your purse, glove compartment in your car, first aid kit, tool bag/box, bathroom cabinet, etc.

When using this product – you do like any other time you get your blood pressure checked. relax & rest your arm on a table or arm rest of your chair & don’t move.

You can find yours here:

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