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This book has become a part of our nightly routine, thankfully it is also a very fun book to read as a parent (lots of rhythmic rhyming).  We absolutely love it.  I have three boys ages [almost] 5 , [almost] 3, & 5 months old.  All three of them enjoy Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place. Recommended ages: 3-8 [with parent involvement].  Written by brothers, Stephen and Alex Kendrick, Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place is meant to go alongside the movie War Room.  This book helps encourage children to find their own prayer place.   We follow Peter along his journey to find the perfect place to pray.  Peter’s parents help explain to him that God can hear Him anywhere and anytime.  My boys used to pray before bed anyway, but now it seems there’s a little more excitement.

The book also comes with a Prayer Chart & colorful “I Prayed” & “God Answered” stickers.  Parents will need to help the children write their prayers on the chart and then the child can place the stickers accordingly.  We will actually be starting our chart next week, the boys wanted their Papa to help them with it when he comes up to visit.

PetersPerfectPrayerPlace _ enter to win

Now – It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!  We were given an extra copy of Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place to give to one of our readers. Comment below the post and let us know your favorite place to pray! For extra entries, ask your children & list their responses as well! Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, November 2, 2015 & will be asked to email us with their mailing address. 

Please note:   I was given this book free of charge from B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thoughts are my own.

You can purchase your copy here [B&H Publishing] or here [LifeWay].


13 thoughts on “Book Review | Children’s | Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place”

  1. My favorite place to pray is gathered around the dining room table with my whole family, though sometimes the bathroom is a better place to pray when I need to be alone and pray without all the kiddos interrupting. 😉


  2. My favorite place to pray is typically gathered around the dining room table with the whole family. Though, many times I have to pray in the bathroom in the morning before I even get my kids up, because I don’t want the interruptions!


  3. Like to pray wherever it’s needed. Usually right in the moment, but sometimes right in bed when everything is quiet.


  4. this book looks so cute! My family and I would love it!
    My favorite prayer spot or where I seem to pray the most is in the shower. I guess that’s where I get my alone time and it’s where I reflect the most so I tend to pray the most in there lol. My little girls and I like to pray before bed. We have a awful habit of not praying before eating but the last few days they’ve been reminding me 🙂 I even game them cupcakes the other day and they ran to the table and said their prayers first! It was so sweet!


  5. My favorite place to pray is in my car. It’s usually the only place I have to myself when going to work with two kids. I also love to pray a loud with my children so they can hear the passion I have when speaking to the Lord as if he was right beside me. My daughter said her favorite place to pray is in her bed with her daddy. 🙂


  6. i often talk to God during the day wherever I am, but my favorite place is in my living room with a cup of coffee, before the house is awake.


  7. I tend to pray in my closet or in my bed. I catch my daughter looking out the window and talking to God, I love every minute of it and the things she prays for are so cute! One time she even thanked God for making Wonder Women.


  8. My favorite spot is in the quiet of my kitchen early in the morning before the kids get up. My kids, anywhere. 🙂 Would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.
    amylsmith AT bledsoe DOT net


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