DIY birthday shirt

I can’t believe the one who made me mommy turns FOUR in just a few days!!! We are having an avengers party for the boys’ birthdays & Isaac really wanted a special shirt with a 4 on it. (Poor Nate is wearing Isaac’s “2” shirts 😉 .) I couldn’t find what he was wanting within what I was willing to spend – so for less than $4 & a little labor of love, Isaac will get his special birthday shirt!!!


All I did was:
1. draw a 4 on paper & cut it out
2. trace the paper 4 out on the piece of fabric (making sure I got the most characters on it possible)
3. Place the fabric 4 where I wanted it on the shirt , then used fabric glue to hold it in place
4. Sew around the edges of the 4 !

Can’t wait to share pictures of their party & Isaac in his shirt!


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