“So, how’s your marriage?” {grace words wednesday}

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Becky Crenshaw

My sister-in-law asks the best questions.

Questions like, “How’s your heart?  What are your boys into right now?  What is the Lord teaching you?  What are you reading?”

Time doesn’t lapse long before Erin dives straight past the surface into heart-level territory.  But one question she frequents jolts me every time…

“So, how’s your marriage?”

My marriage?  Like Brent and me?  “Well, it’s fine.”

Fine (adj) good, acceptable, or satisfactory

I know, don’t be so underwhelmed by my response.  Fine.  Yeah, my marriage is acceptable.

Brent and I are satisfactory.  Marriage is fine.

But, let’s be real.  If I am answering Erin’s soul-deep question from a gut honest level, most days I would say, “Marriage.  Well, it is on auto pilot.  I haven’t really thought about my marriage (at all)  today.  The kids need me.  Work demands me.  Ministry pulls at me.  But marriage, it is left to…

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